Become a Kamuela Philharmonic Donor

The More Generous Your Gift, the Faster We Will Grow!

Tune up your generosity to Kamuela Philharmonic! Your contribution—whether at the Largo tempo, or any amount through Prestissimo—keeps your orchestra on the beat.

Accept our deepest gratitude, be recognized for your support, and enjoy time spent with your fellow donors at the special events described for each of the categories of contributions.

Donor Categories

The More Generous Your Gift, the Faster We Will Grow! Click each option to see what is included.
Broadly, one measure flows to the next for a sustaining sound
Slow and steady keeps our music playing
A walking pace, enables us to keep our eye on what’s ahead
A moderate tempo, vigor without fatigue
Quickly and bright, nobody goes to sleep when we play allegro!
Lively and fast, we play nimbly for you!
Each measure crisp and fresh, now the music rises to new heights!
Fast as our fingers and bows can go!
Slowing down gradually from a purely annual focus, to enjoy the benefits of sustained community financial support
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