Here’s our complete concert program for October 15

Have you ever gone to a show, been handed a program, chatted with people you know, and then — the minute you sit down — the lights dim, and you haven’t even looked at the program?
And then, later on, you wanted to learn about that one piece thatbrought you to tears, or you wanted to see the cast list, or learn more about the artists? And you realize you left the program at the venue!
Don’t you just hate that? Us too!
So we’ve put our Triumph & Desire concert program online for you. Read as much as you like, and if you can’t go, at least you‘ll know what you missed.
Now you‘ll never be lacking when it comes to information about our concerts: the musicians who played, the program notes about the pieces, ads from our supporters, and the Mahalo page recognizing our generous financial contributors — it’s all there for you, digitally.
So dive in!
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